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Band/Project: Marc Broude

Country: USA

Genre: Experimental Dark Ambient

Creation Year: 2005

Members: Marc Broude (Concept, Music)


Marc Broude (born August 23, 1984) is an American cross-genre composer who started in the Chicago-based noise outfit Panicsville in 2005.

Marc started recording while living in a squatter artist collective in 2005. Surrounded by musicians and a wide array of instruments, Marc spent the next couple years making a name for himself as a solo musician while playing in various bands with genres like black metal, grindcore, punk, and noise.

In 2006 he released the 7″ Psychological Warfare. That same year Marc, Danny Cortez and Chris Anderson formed Zog, a black metal outfit that disbanded after the death of Danny Cortez.

Marc took a break through 2007 following intense personal issues and continued his solo endeavor in 2008 while residing at various artist collectives and performing at DIY venues throughout the Chicago area.

In 2009 Marc’s sound drastically changed as he released the seventy-two minute dark ambient dirge Rites of Zen and Medicine, a fusion of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. In 2011 Marc remixed, remastered and reissued Psychological Warfare.


Marc Broude - MedicineMedicine (2009 – NoZen Records )
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[Artist] – xun

xun - Logo

Band/Project: xun

Country: Luxembourg / Germany

Genre: Industrial Dark Ambient / Noise Ambient

Creation Year: 2007

Members: Phil R. (Concept, Music)


xun is a musical solo project of multi-instrumentalist Phil R. It focuses on experimental sounds and genres like dark ambient, noise ambient and industrial. Phil had a musical education at a renowned university of music and has been playing various instruments since his early childhood. Having discovered a very deep fondness for dark and unusual sounds in his teenage years, he set out to fabricate strange sounds himself.
Everyone needs a way to express their inner demons.


Xun - Frameworks - CoverFrameworks (2010 – Ambientaria Records)
>> Free Download <<

Xun - Noisedrive Transmissions - CoverNoisedrive Transmissions (2010 – Self-released )

Xun - Aurora - CoverAurora (2009 – Self-released )

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Backyard Ghost logo

Band/Project: Backyard Ghost

Country: USA

Genre: Ghostly Dark Ambient

Creation Year: 2006

Members: Joseph K. (Concept, Music)


Joseph K Is A Chicago Based Sound Artist, Former Mental Patient And Synthesizer Master.

With Over 20 Years Experience Recording Odd Music And Performing In Various Chicago Industrial And Electronic Bands, He Has Been Since 2006, Manifesting As Backyard Ghost, Incorporating New And Vintage Hardware Synths, Cassette Tape, Shortwave Radio, Field Recordings And The Latest Software To Create An Unseen World Of Atmospherics, Murmering Voices And Darkness…

He Is Also Currently Involved With Other Such Musical Endeavors As Lacus Veris, The Grave Dominion And Primitive Eye Spots.. Unseen Cloudy And Dim Music For Lost Souls…

Furthermore, He Has Been Working In Cinema, Providing Soundscapes And Music For Films.

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Flores Funebres - logo

Band/Project: Flores Funebres

Country: Poland

Genre: Ethereal Dark Ambient

Creation Year: 2001

Members: Mespheris (Concept, Music) – Guest: Jarmilla (Cello)


Flores Funebres is an one man band from Poland, formed by Mespheris in 2001.

From the beginning, the project was based on elements of orchestral/classical music, dark wave, dark ambient and on instrumental parts inspired by black metal.

Flores Funebres music is often symbolic. It includes elements of the philosophy of nihilism, fear of death with a simultaneous fascination with the phenomenon of passing. The music is sometimes inspired by the metaphorical character of Lucifer, but also deals with universal issues and questions about the meaning of existence.

Flores Funebres explores the feelings of despair, grief, melancholy, suicidal thoughts, emptiness, pain of life… It is a musical exploration of the literary world of the late 19th century and of the aesthetics of decadence.

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Forgotten Backyard - Logo

Band/Project: Forgotten Backyard

Country: Unknown

Genre: Ritual/Industrial Dark Ambient

Creation Year: 2010

Members: Dennis (Concept, Music)

For Fans of: Parhelion, Svartsinn, Kammarheit


Forgotten Backyard is a Ritual/Industrial Dark Ambient project, born in January 2010, which includes and combines reality and dreams to create a unique atmosphere.

Reality of a industrialized world in which only steel and iron talk, and man’s
massive architectures planted on a vast empty land, a place where everything is
asleep : only machines and steel speak in hollow lands below the infinite black
smoke-sky. In these lands one can find only emptiness and hopelessness combined
with endless sounds of forgotten machines controled by the ignorant man. It is the journey of
a lost drifter who wants to find reason of existence and at the same time who wants to escape from
the past. But in this dark-skyed world he only finds emptiness and a silent horror.

The unreal side of this project is based on dreams, on unreal places produced from
a troubled mind of a lost man. Spiritual places of darkness, emptiness, paranoia or
pleasure and mental evolution almost always wrapped in melancholy. Places of unknown
gods and distorted reality.

World became a forgotten backyard, under infinite black skies, destroyed by the man,
an Earth of Steel.

Forgotten Backyard - de poussière rouge

de poussière rouge (2010 – EP – Ambientaria Records)

Forgotten Backyard - Cerulean Wasteland

Cerulean Wasteland (2010 – Ambientaria Records)

Forgotten Backyard - La Nuit Eternelle

La Nuit Eternelle (2010)

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[Artist] – Halgrath

Band/Project: Halgrath

Country: Russia

Genre: Ritual Dark Ambient

Creation Year: 2006

Members: Agratha (Concept, Music, Vocals)

For Fans of: Arktau Eos, Halo Manash, Kristus Kut


Halgrath is a ritual dark ambient project, born in 2006 out of Agratha’s mind.

It is based on the spirituality of the Universe itself. Agratha considers the Universe as a living entity, With her music, she converts the waves surrounding us and filling us into a musical language, which can be understood by everyone.

Halgrath is mostly associated to an ethereal feeling of ancient events, pain and suffering, betrayal, wars and despair.

Despite the darkness in her music, Agratha believes that her music could be useful to those who want to become aware of the Universe and of the Past. Knowledge is essential.


Halgrath - Sacred (EP) released by Invisible Eye Productions

Sacred (2011 – EP – Invisible Eye Productions)

Liquid Mind (2010 – Ambientaria Records)

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