We regret to inform you that Halgrath is leaving Ambientaria Records today. We came to a situation where we both didn’t share the same aims regarding music promotion (and several other things).

We wish her the best for a musical career and upcoming works.


Ambientaria Records’ recently-signed artist ‘Xun‘ will be releasing his new album, entitled ‘Frameworks’, on July 21st.

At the same time shall be revealed the first episode of a dark ambient scifi webseries directed by Ghostronaut Prod, named GLASSWORKS, whose soundtrack will be extracted from Xun’s upcoming release! We’re very proud of this collaboration, so we thought you would enjoy watching the trailer for this series (see above).

One last word : Xun has recently created a Facebook fanpage, so we invite you all to join him over there.

GLASSWORKS - Poster #1

Chernobyl Charity compilation CDs are ready!

Dear Followers,

As you know we’re running a Charity project for the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, whose benefits will be reversed to the Chernobyl Children International NGO, in order to help the Children sick because of radioactivity-related diseases. It is for us an occasion to release a limited hand-numbered physical edition of this compilation.

The CDs are ready for a few hours now.

More than 40 (out of 50) of them have already been reserved (this was possible for two weeks), but you can still take your chance to grab one of the few copies left on the official reservation page.

Album information :

  • 19 tracks
  • 1 h 30 mins of quality Dark Ambient
  • Double-album (CD-Rs)
  • Quality self-made albums using professional suppliers
  • Hand-Numbered !
  • 50 copies only
  • Cost : 11€ (approx. $15.65) + 3€ shipping
Get your own copy of the Chernobyl Charity Compilation !

Prints for the Chernobyl Charity compilation CD-Rs

Many of you have already reserved the physical (2 CD-Rs) version of the Chernobyl Charity Compilation that Ambientaria Records is organizing for the 25th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Event.

They should be ready within a few days (maybe even tomorrow !). Indeed, I have just received (see picture above) the professionally-printed artwork for the album.

Thanks to all our fans for their heavy support !

Ambientaria Records manager

Edit (11:25 pm) : Only 12 physical copies remain for reservation. All the other ones have already been reserved !

For a few hours already, the Chernobyl Charity compilation is out.

It is available for download from CDBaby.com, and you can also reserve a copy of the double-CD album that shall be available in one or two weeks. Please click on this link for more info.

This project’s benefits shall be totally reversed to the NGO “Chernobyl Charity International”, in order to help the Children suffering from radioactivity-related diseases in the Belarus area. You may learn more about the whole venture on the Official project page.

If you are willing do something to help these Children, please click on the banner below :

Get your own copy of the Chernobyl Charity Compilation !

Our first artist, Agratha of Halgrath, talks about her new side-project, which happens to be more melodic than her work with Halgrath, Ashlight Resonance. Join her on Facebook !

xun - Logo

Band/Project: xun

Country: Luxembourg / Germany

Genre: Industrial Dark Ambient / Noise Ambient

Creation Year: 2007

Members: Phil R. (Concept, Music)


xun is a musical solo project of multi-instrumentalist Phil R. It focuses on experimental sounds and genres like dark ambient, noise ambient and industrial. Phil had a musical education at a renowned university of music and has been playing various instruments since his early childhood. Having discovered a very deep fondness for dark and unusual sounds in his teenage years, he set out to fabricate strange sounds himself.
Everyone needs a way to express their inner demons.


Xun - Frameworks - CoverFrameworks (2010 – Ambientaria Records)
>> Free Download <<

Xun - Noisedrive Transmissions - CoverNoisedrive Transmissions (2010 – Self-released )

Xun - Aurora - CoverAurora (2009 – Self-released )

Other links:

http://xunmusic.wordpress.com/ (Official Website)